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How do you think the future of safety legislation would be affected by another major occupational disaster of the magnitude of a Monongah mine disaster? Do you think passage of new safety and health legislation is still of a reactive nature?

Explain why manufacturing strategies “set the tone” for the entire supply network.

nu Problem 8.5 IE Question Help ents Subway, with more than 20,000 outlets in the U.S., is planning for a new restaurant in Buffalo, New York. Three locations are being considered. The following table gives the factors for each to work Maitland Baptist Church Northside Mall Weight O uit/Test 025 Factor Space Costs Traffic density Neighborhood income Zoring laws 0.20 0.15 0.10 with a total weighted score of (Enter your a) Based on the given information, the best location in Buffalo for Subway to open the new restaurant response rounded to two decimal places) X Problem 8.2 E Question Help In Myanmar, six laborers, each making the equivalent of $3.00 per day, can produce 38 units per day. In China, eleven laborers, each making the equivalent of $2.00 per day can produce 45 units In Billings, Montana, four laborers, each making $60.00 per day, can make 102 Shipping cost from Myanmar to Denver, Colorado, the final destination, is $2.00 per unit. Shipping cost Denver is $1.00 per unit, while the shipping cost from Billings, Montana to Denver is $0.30 per unit. Test a total cost (labor and Based on total costs (labor and transportation) per unit, the most economical location to produce the item transportation) per unit of $ (Enter your response rounded to two decimal places.)

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