How does CO2 exit the cells? a. Osmosis b Diffusion c. Active transport 15. Which of the following best describes HRmax? a. reached at ~40 to 50% ponax b. achieved after all-out effort to volitional fatigue c. stimulated by the parasympathetic nervous system d. artificially lowered by high blood H+ content 16. Compared to untrained individuals, trained endurance athletes have a. higher maximal heart rates b. higher resting cardiac outputs c. higher resting heart rates d. higher maximal stroke volumes 17. The rate-pressure product is an index of a. myocardial metabolism b. vascular stiffness c. circulating catecholamines d. afterload 18. Which of the following does NOT contribute to ventilatory regulation during exercise? a. chemoreceptors in the brain, carotid bodies, and lungs b. baroreceptors in the carotid sinus c. chemoreceptors in muscles

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