How does feedback inhibition typically operate in a biochemical pathway? the final product of the biochemical pathway acts as a competitive inhibitor on the second enzyme used in the pathway the product of the first reaction acts as a coenzyme for proteins involved in the final step in the pathway the end product of the biochemical pathway acts as an inhibitor of the first step in the pathway O the product of the first step in the pathway combines with the last enzyme used to inhibit the overall process

Industrial melanism refers to the dark pigmentation that evolved in some insects giving them protective coloration on vegetation darkened by soot in heavily industrialized areas prior to air pollution regulation. In one heavily polluted area near Birmingham, England in 1956, 79% of the moths of the species Biston betularia were black due to the presence of a dominant gene for melanism. Estimate both the frequency of the dominant allele in this population, and the proportion of heterozygous (note: that’s heterozygotes out of black moths, not out of total moths). Show your work black moths that are 5. A group of Ethiopians were assayed for CCRS-del32 deletion polymorphism. 221 were ++, 65 +/del32, and 6 were del32/del32. Are the observed data significantly different from HWE? Depending on your answer, suggest a hypothesis for why it is or is not in HWE. Show your work

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