How many ATP molecules can be derived from FADH, and NADH + H, respectively, via the electron transport chain? (2 marks) Section D Genetic Inheritance, Mutation and Mitosis + Meiosis (15 marks) 34. During which phase of the cell cycle does nuclear division occur? (1 mark) Fill in the gaps: 35. For M-Cdk to be activated, inhibitory and activating phosphorylate the mitotic CDK, whilst an activating dephosphorylates the inactive mitotic Cdk. mark) 36. After DNA damage (e.g. caused by X-ray exposure) in eukaryotic cells, the cell cycle can be arrested by the stabilisation of the protein which drives the transcription of the gene. whose protein product interacts with the G1/S-Cdk and S-Cdk complexes (1 mark) 37. To which type of protein do cyclin-dependent kinases bind to become active? (1 mark) 38. Show the correct order for the stages of mitosis. mark) 39. During the process of meiosis, a undergoes two divisions to produce four gametes. (1 mark) extra 40 Down syndrome individuals carry an chromosome in their cells. (1 mark)

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