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How many different gametes does a parent with the following genotype produce?

Using a virus to treat a bacterial infection like strep throat would be an example of viruses to replace antibiotics virus affecting biochemical cycles viruses as agents of gene therapy viruses has host specific pest control Question 19 (2 points) Why can humans produce more proteins than a nematode worm even though we have similar numbers of genes? alternative RNA splicing allows humans to create more proteins many nematode genes are duplication of other genes human genes are longer than nematode genes many nematode genes are non functional Question 23 (2 points) Which enzyme is responsible for stabilizing the DNA molecule as it is unwound? ODNA polymerase Helicase Topiosomerase DNA ligase Question 26 (2 points) After a genome is duplicated, one copy of the genome keeps the genes and continues producing gene product as before. The second copy of the genes are deleted from the genome. This is subfunctionalization gene loss O neofunctionalization

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