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How the rate of reaction catalyzed by enzymes is effected by the reversible/ irreversible change in protein structure?and How spectroscopy is useful in enzymology?

Discuss the biochemical effects of acute vs. chronic ethanol intoxication and show the significant differences between these two states on patient                     management.

         ii) Explain how consumption of ethanol can lead to hyperuricaemia and gout in high-risk patients

Q1b. i) Produce a diagram to illustrate the different types of molecules found in cells. Briefly describe their properties and functions within the cell.

         ii) In a separate diagram, describe how carbohydrates, amino acids and triacylglycerides interact metabolically in the generation of energy in the form                  of  ATP

Q2a. Discuss the methyl trap hypothesis and show how vitamin B12 can be used to relieve megaloblastic anaemia.

Q2b. Explain how plasma levels of liver transaminases can be useful for evaluating and diagnosing disease. Include the terms: De Ritis ratio, cholestasis, extrahepatic injury, AST, ALT in your answer.

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