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How would you advise an organization considering adopting a cognitive ability test for selection? I want a different solution than what is posted here please.I want a different solution than what is posted here please.

For this discussion post you need to watch “Manifest:Justice – Art for Social Change” in the unit 5 content. This video highlights a 10 day “pop-up” art and cultural exhibit that took place in Los Angeles. As stated by the organizers (Amnesty International USA, 2015): “MANIFEST:JUSTICE is a creative community exhibition that elevates and illuminates the ongoing conversation about race, mass incarceration, police accountability, racial profiling, healthy communities and gun violence. The themes of MANIFEST:JUSTICE are justice, human rights, power and dignity for all”. So you can see the purpose of the event was to bring light to perceived injustices and promote social justice for those affected by them. Art and cultural exhibits served as the medium for which the message was to be told. Instructions: With the understanding of the purpose of the event please respond to the following questions. As you respond, please consider the perspective of the artists, exhibits, and viewpoints shared in the video in relation to social justice. Why might artists create art for and in public spaces in order to raise awareness and consciousness about different social issues? In your response please use at least one example (from the video, your own community or a different resource) in order to illustrate your points. Also, you are welcome to include images or descriptions of social justice art from your community or that you’ve seen first-hand or have been interested in from afar. One point made in the video was that even if you had a different opinion or disagreed with someone on a certain topic, respect was still required amongst people who don’t share the same view. Why is this important in social justice causes? What benefit would this provide for those seeking social justice?

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