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How would you as a manager design an environment where you maximize employees’ taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions?

explain why organizing website content is so challenging, and explain the concept of information architecture (Based on Chapter 7 of Business Communication today 14th edition)


Describe the product that you built… and why you chose the characteristics and features that you did (use data from the simulation to support your decisions).


What price did you charge and why did you charge that price (use data and support from the simulation to complete your answer)?


At which stores did you choose to distribute your backpack (choose all that apply)?

Group of answer choices

Department Store


Discount Retail Chain

Fashion Boutique

High End Outdoor

Online Discount Retailer

University Store


Why did you choose the distributors listed above (use data from the simulation to support your decision)?


What positioning statement (the word or words on the billboard in the PROMOTION area) did you choose… and why (use data from the simulation to support your decision)?


How much did you spend on advertising in Turn 1? Why did you choose to spend that much?

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