1. How would you test if the human brain has proliferating NSCs in vivo?

a. Inject Brd-U ( a nucleotide analogue) into the brain of a volunteer and biopsy the brain a few days later

b. It is impossible because the experiment is unethical

c. Find the comparable region from a rat brain and assume this has dividing cells due to conservation

d. Place a piece of brain tissue removed during an operation into culture medium and look for incorporation of Brd-U ( a nucleotide analogue)

2. Intestinal epithelial stem cells (IESCs) have been extensively studied and a protocol to produce gut organoids (moni-guts) from IESCs has been developed. Which of the following best describe the protocol?

a. IESCs from gut tumors, which divide more rapidly than normal stem cells, are cultured in vitro

b. IESCs are transplanted into blastocysts.

please help me out. Thank you

c. A small piece of intestine containing IESCs and other cell types is cultured in vitro

d. FACS (Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting) is used to purify the IESCs, which are then cultured in vitro.

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