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Identify an existing people/company/organization as your case study. Study the current

problems faced by the users in their daily operations and propose a computerized

system (mini system) as a solution. The proposed system may be created to replace

their current manual operations or as an improvement to the existing computerized

system. Your system/mini system can be (but not limited to) systems on Personal, Hospital, Library, School, Salary,

Hotel, Pharmacy, Student, Payroll, Employee Management System, Games etc.

▪ The general requirements for the proposed system are as follows:

a. Develop a window-based system using Visual Basic .NET programming language.

b. Must be a multi forms/menus system.

c. Must use a database management system, DBMS (e.g. access or sql server)

d. Must use object-oriented concepts and procedures/functions to process your input

and to produce output. (e.g. login/logout, calculation, etc.)

e. Present good user interfaces considering the overall “look and feel” of the system.

Include your name in the system interfaces as a logo of your system.


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