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Identify and discuss (i) one major risk to firm( southwest airline company ) performance facing the company and (ii) two Major Risk to Firm Performance: Ensure that you link this to the factors covered in Section 1. The proposed major risk to firm performance has to be very specific (i.e., do not generalize). Include: quoted figures, facts from the case report, and research etc. that led to your decision regarding choice of risk. Include as much rationale for your choice here as possible. Your challenge is to choose something that poses a very significant risk. I.e., a “Major Risk”. This is a key criterion to how well you can score in this section. Firms want to focus on the most significant risks because these clearly will have the most significant impact on firm performance. Do not focus on something trivial! To discover a major risk it will typically involve looking both inside the firm AND outside the firm (i.e., micro- and macro-economic perspectives). You should have done this background in Section 1, so you need to integrate this now into your choice here. Remember, everything has to be evidence-based, no opinions etc.

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