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Identify five of the eight skills that Syntax Corporation’s Career Development Center believes to be related to effective management. Do you agree these skills are important, why or why not?

48. Effective job posting requires more than simply placing a notice on the company bulletin board. At a minimum, job posting should meet six requirements. What are these requirements? Why are each of these requirements important?

49. The National Labor Relations Act, better known as the Wagner Act, was passed in 1935 to encourage the growth of trade unions and keep management from interfering with this growth. What were the seven topics covered in the Act, as it was originally drafted?

50. Discuss three actions by an employer that are considered unfair labor practices. 51. What are the six steps normally taken when negotiating a collective bargaining agreement?

52. Identify 10 of the warning signs of employee violence.

53. Identify five factors that are contributing to the sharp rise in the cost of health benefits.

54. Identify five things that are closely tied to accidents in the workplace. For example, boredom and poor lighting.

55. What are the four characteristics of employees who are likely to be accident repeaters?

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