Cancer Therapy Read the accompanying article and thoughtfully answer the following questions. You should not use any direct quotes or exact wording from the original work. In science, this is consider plagiarism and you will be graded accordingly. Although we will discuss the article in class, be advised that your grade for this reading assignment is solely dependent upon the completeness and correctness of your submitted answers. 1. Identify the 2 types of mutated genes that can be restored by gene therapy. 2. Describe the differences between transcriptional and transductional targeting 3. If an adenoviral vector is used for gene therapy, why might it be necessary to give the patient multiple rounds? 4. How can a “suicide gene” be used to treat cancer? 5. Rexin-G is an effective vector for tumor treatment. Describe its 2 primary modes of action 6. What is an “Orphan Drug?” 7. Why are non-viral vehicles often lipid based? 8. Describe how cationic liposomes can specifically target DNA. 9. can a scientist use a tumor cell to treat a tumor?

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