Identify the parts of an earthworm based on the descriptions given below: Concentrated region of nerve celils in anterior most segments Discolored region that secretes the cocoon Term for each segment in an earthworm’s body Thick-walled region of digestive tract, used for grinding. found on somites IX to XII (6 pair); sperm complete Anterior opening to digestive tract Modified blood vessels that help pump blood Posterlor opening of digestive tract Muscular region of digestive tract that helps pull in soil Position of nerve cord in earthworms Organ that produces eggs 12 13, K Tube that connects pharynx with crop Cylindrically shaped structures that produce waste products Brain Clitellum Esophagus Ovary Pharynx Septa Setae Somite Testis Ventral Hearts Metanephridia Mouth surface n anIN&I Would be the Veniro can be referred to as closer to the midline of an animal. plane divides the body into superior and inferior sections 3. The sides of an animal can aso be referred as thelatcra and hidia plane divides the body into left and right halves 5. A e image) halves is said to be a In b the organism’s body can be divided into two equal mirror image halves by many planes. Amoebae and sponges are examples of organisms are d humans, flatworms, and insects are examples of animals with e symmetry: organism without shape or having a body that cannot be divided into any equal (mirror mirror image halves by a single plane while inthe organism’s body can be divided into two equal that are ds are examples of a starfish and sea anemones are examples of animals with- d. b, Asymmetrical Circular Bilateral Circular symmetry Radial Bilateral symmetry Irregular Radial symmetry Irregular symmetry Match each term with its definition: 1. COuter embryonic cell layer in animals 2. Digestive system that consitr a Lab Section Name Label the layers Date Lab Section Name What are the two main parts of the body plan of most mollusks? The thin layer of tissue that covers most of the mollusk’s body is called the Snails and slugs feed using a tongue-shaped structure known as a(an) What phylum are earthworms a member of Match each term with its definition 1. Regrowing of tissuet orm

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