Identify which of the following chemical changes increase or decrease wakefulness. Serotonin stimulation [Choose) increases wakefulness decreases wakefulness [Choose] Melatonin stimulation Acetylcholine being blocked [Choose) Adenosine receptors being blocked [Choose) Histamine being blocked [Choose] Orexin stimulation [ Choose Question 4 2 pts Match the two emotional expression disorders to both the brain areas affected and the behavior affected Violitional facial paresis brain area [Choose difficulty moving facial muscles voluntarily lack of movement of facial muscles in response to emotions in people who have no difficulty moving these muscles voluntarily Violitional facial paresis behaviore damage to insular prefrontal cortex, white matter of frontal lobo, or thalamus impairment damage to the motor cortex or its outputs Emotional facial paresis brain area [Choose Emotional facial paresis behavioral impairment [Choose

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