In what way are natural selection and artificial selection similar? Oa. Both rely on human intervention to prevent deleterious mutations from increasing in frequency Ob. Neither are able to produce dramatic changes in traits. Oc Both have been occurring for the past 3.5 billion years. Od. Both result in increased frequency of beneficial traits. QUESTION 4 What is evolutionary biology? a. the field of science that deals with matter and its motion through space and time b. the study of the origin, maintenance, and diversity of life c the study of interactions among orgagisms and their environment d. a description of the fossil record QUESTION 5 Which of the following is an example of artificial selection? a. selection for pests resistant to pesticides b. selection for weeds that can grow in the presence of herbicides applied by farmers C. selection for cows that produce more milk d. selection for insects that transmit disease more efficiently Click Sqve and Submit to sque and submit.

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