indicate a(n) e in the release of neurotransmitter from the photoreceptor would change in focus of the lens onto a distant object. b) decrease in light intensity. C) lack of light reaching the retina. D) increase in light intensity 19. Most products of fat digestion are absorbed by A) Arterioles. B) Capillaries. C) Lymphatic vessels. D) Veins. 20. In which region of the GI tract do peristaltic contractions occur? A) the small intestine B) the large intestine C) the stomach D) the esophagus E) All of the above 21. In a routine examination, some blood is taken and analyzed. The results show a high IgM level for the mumps antigen. This would indicate that A) the person is allergic to mumps B) the person is just coming down with mumps. C) the person is immune to mumps D) the person has just recovered from mumps. E) None of the above.v

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