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  1. List minimum 5 mistakes in this information request letter bellow and rewrite it according to what we have learned in class. (You can obtain 45 maximum points for this section)

Discuss what are the parameter used for measuring effectiveness of the organization NTPC(National Thermal Power Corporation Limited).
And also prepare the list of such parameters and give reasons why you think those parameters are appropriate.

How can the concept of focus be used to benefit a hospital? ( please more than 200 words)




Subject: What is available in Istanbul?

Dear Ms. Öztürk,

This is to inform you that just yesterday I was offered a position in Istanbul, and I accepted it. My family and I are really enthused about the move to Istanbul. My wife and I have two children, Blendi and Sara. We have always wanted to live in Turkey, and now, can you believe it, I have been offered a job there! But because Istanbul is pretty far away from us, we will need some help in selecting a new home. Could you help us find that perfect new home?

What is available in Istanbul? We want to live in a child-friendly safe neighborhood, and schools will be a prime consideration. We are interested in a three-bedroom home, and an attached garage is a must. Plus air conditioning, of course. Our price range is limited.

We’ll be coming in April to look at possible listings. Thanking you in advance, I remain

Sincerely yours

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