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List the six PTI technologies/approaches? 6. What is nondestructive testing? And List at least five techniques associated with nondestructive testing. 7. What are the advantages of RCM? And List reasons for RCM application failure.

Port Ow The trained and Case 2.2 U.S. Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (A) Cosmetics and Toiletries competition in Latinia was about evenly divided between local firms and other international companies from Europe and North America. Jim felt that local firm, which had about 40 percent of the market, stood to benefit greatly from the tariff increase unless the international fins could find a satisfactory response. When Jim received the news of the tariff increase, which was to be imposed the first of October one week away-he called a meeting to consider what Cometics and Toiletries could do. Deborah Neale, Manager, Cosmetics Marketing, and Emilio Planes, Manager, Toiletries Marbating, met with Jim to discuss the situation Several different courses of woon were proposed the lastly called merting. Deborah wested, “We could continue importing puy the Nigh duty, and change the positioning try to appeal to a high price quality m. Another idea was to import the primary ingredients and assemble compound) and package them in Latina (Duties on the imported ingredients med between 10 percent and pred valorem.) Emilie pested as ing Cosmetics and Toiletries in the United States for a lower price on the products shipped to Latina so that the duty would have a se impact on the final price is the local market in the heative that one of them wanted to think about we can’t complet those high prices, we may have w the market Questions Us Pharmaceuticals (US) is America firm without 30 percent of its wide de United US concern the ethical drug business but denied inimal health products, and some potent The other is count for one fourth of USP 5600 mil USPS bio is conducted in some 70 countries, mostly who the market. Is score, bowever, USP has man coming operatie Compounding to the local mit and pedaging of indien slipped from the United SUSPsy American mantapompounding operations are Lai a wide a populations of our million. Some products dipped from the America USP. La plant is operated by the pharmaceutical division. It is pand in the products and especially the compounding of USP ethical down. It does work for over USP division is proprietary med ies, wo wimbo All the other division, which she will esport de finished products from plant is the United States. The Latina plant employs 330 people of whom only two w North American theo el manager, Tom Hawley, and one director of quality control, Frios Mani Usi de bewone for 5120 million in a is handled by a new division Comics and Toiletries. The division the in any of USP 70 foreign markets. One of the division’s better foreign market is Latine, where the sale of over 55 million and a soep We market position. Cosmeties and Toiletries as marketing subsidiary is Lai to handle its business there, Jim Richard, an American heade the dary Theme of the staff ar Lati Jim Richundice was very disturbed by the news received from the La Ministry of metal de Tariffs were being increased on my til prodhene of the time of payments per the had been derpoing for the past year and a hal For USPS Counctie Toni specifically, this the in the tail pay from 30 top ad valorem. The 20 percent duty halposed to put problem med Toes because of the prestige of the imported product of the comme franchise had established, Richardson explamed however, that the 50 cent duty was probably an immutable 2. Are there wy other pieces of 3. Propose and defendane of How would you pe differ ind of writincre Latinis equita conting the imports of the products by 75 percent

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