You will develop a marketing plan for a firm of your own choice. The project should be on a product or service of an existing company, or a company-wide marketing topic as well. Ideally, your marketing plan will propose creative ideas and marketing strategies that are different (and with greater potential) than what has been attempted in the past, and those efforts will be rewarded. A sample marketing plan is attached here for your general reference. Note that this sample is by no means presented as an ideal benchmark for you to follow. I strongly encourage you to produce a creative and customized marketing plan based on the topic of your choice.

Submit a proposal for your semester-long project for approval. The topic of your project can be any existing organization or a specific product or service of an existing organization that would benefit from a marketing plan. You will take on the role of being hired to create a marketing plan for this organization or the product or service. So, this organization or the team that offers the product or service is now your client.

This assignment will include a document (not to exceed two pages) providing the following information:

Your name.

Business name: the name of the company as well as the name of a product or service, if applicable.

Description of the company/product/service.

(Very important!) Identify the current problems in their marketing strategy, activity, or plan. (Very important because you want to persuade your client to invest on your marketing plan! It is ideal that your proposed focus below helps to fix the current problems identified.)

The proposed focus of your marketing plan is: For example, will your plan focus on a specific product, different consumer needs and wants, or a new target market? What is the strategic objective of this marketing plan?

Marketing objective: Based on what you know for now, what will your plan accomplish?