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Name 3 things that you should keep in your home in case of a disaster. 
It has to be from 20 to 25 sentences.
Explain where you got your sources from.

We have found that some of the steel components on our machines have been suffering brittle fracture when they get dropped or hit one another. Our machines are all outside where the temperatures are usually well below zero degrees celcius. Which of the following is most likely the reason for these failures? a. The outside temperature on Mars is below the brittle to ductile transition temperature b. The components have suffered from creep due to exposure to the cold on Mars C. The low temperatures experienced on Mars are below the glass transition temperature of the steel d. The fracture toughness (Kıc) is too high at the low temperatures to withstand being droppedDefine what the term ‘nation-state’ means, with a specific focus on the components that are present in a nation-state. Additionally, discuss what role a national culture plays in a nation-state. Lastly, analyze the erosion of sovereignty in modern times due to globalization (name at least two factors that could be responsible).

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