Name the parasite A. Taenia pisformis B. Rhipicephalus sanuineas C. Enterobius vermicularis D. Pediculus humanus E. Fasciola hepatica 2.) Which media would be best in analyzing a water sample take downstream of a water treatment plant? A. Nutrient agar B. Blood agar C. MSA D. Citrate agar E. Emb 3.) What color on an MSA plate would indicate the presence of Staphylococcus aureus? A. White B. Blue-green C. Pink D. Yellow E. Lavender 4.) What substance is fermented in the MSA plate? A. Mannitol B. Salt C. Sugar D. Mannitol salt E. None of the above 5.) Which test would be able to distinguish between staphylococcus and streptococcus? A. Hemolysis B. Catalase C. Coagulase D. Bile solubility E. Bacitracin sensitivity 6.) Regarding the test in the previous question, a positive result would be indicated by the observance of A. Bubbles B. A faint pink color C. Beta hemolysis D. Cleaning E. Clumping 7.) Regarding the test in the previous two questions: This positive result would indicate the presenc of the enzyme A. Nitrate reductase B. Hemolase C. Amylase D. Catalase E. Nitrite reductase 8.) Which “tool” would you use to inoculate a TSI tube? A. A gene gun B. Inoculating loop C. Inoculating needle D. Sterile swab E. Hypodermie syringe 9.) A positive citrate test would be what color? A. Crimson B. Royal blue C. Taupe D. Faint pink E. Bright pink 10.) Which media may be used for two different tests depending on which reagent you add to the tube? A. Nitrate broth B. Tsi C. Christensen’s urea agar D. Emb E. Mrvp 11.) What reagent is used in the indole test? A. Barritt’s B. Lugol’s iodine C. Zinc D. Kovac’s E. Hydrogen peroxide 12.) A positive crease test would be what color? A. Red B. Yellow C. Royal blue D. Bright pink E. Blue green 13.) What does EMB stand for? A. End my boredom B. Eat more beets C. Eosin methylene blue D. Crystal violet & bile salts E. Enson’s microbial broth 14.)What chemical is used in the bile solubility test? A. Zinc B. HCI C. Kovac’s reagent D. NaCl E. Deoxycholate

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