What is the N-terminal amino acid and the C-terminal amino acid for the protein 1CRN?

N-terminal AA:______________________ C-terminal AA:_____________________

2) For this protein, how many 2nd structures are linked by disulfide bridges:

Helix-Helix:_____ Helix-Beta:_____ Helix-Random:_____ Beta-Beta:_____ Beta-Random:_____ Random-Random:_____

3) For the 2N3Y protein (human cytochrome C), Hydrophobic AA are more buried, and hydrophilic are solvent-exposed. Of the 3 groups, to which AA group do the exposed belong?_______________________

4) A heme group is also present in the 2N3Y protein. Here, 2 AA chelate to the iron. Which 2 AA are they?

Chelating AA1:_____________________ Chelating AA2: ______________________

5) The heme has 2 carboxylate groups, one of which is more buried within than the other. The buried carboxylate is stabilized by H-bonds from 2 AA side chains. Which are they?

H-Bond AA1:______________________ H-Bond AA2: _______________________View comments (1)

What are the two different types of membrane proteins? What types of amino acids are present on the outside of a membrane protein? Contrast that with the amino acids typically found on the exterior of aqueous proteins.

Name three functions for alpha-helical membrane proteins.

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