-The function of chemicals within the acrosome is to __________

a) Protect the DNA of the sperm, b) Aid the sperm to penetrate the mature follicle, c) Aid the sperm to penetrate the secondary oocyte, d) Aid the sperm to penetrate the secondary follicle, e) Aid the sperm to penetrate the primary oocyte

2-The acidity of the v-agina is due to ________

a) Secretion of small amounts of citric acid cells lining the v-agina b) Secretion of bacteria that normally reside in the v-agina, c) Breakdown of glycogen that produces organic acids, d) Reabsorption of bicarbonate ions, reducing their buffering action, e) Secretion of small amounts of lactic acid by cells lining the female v-agina

3-The phenotype of an individual refers to the______

a) Outward expression of a gene, b)Genetic makeup of the chromosomes, c) Number of haploid cells, d) The type of dominate and recessive genes, e) Type of mutations that are present

4-Each of the following s is produced by the placenta, except the_______

a) Human chorionic gonadotropin, b) Alpha-Fetoprotein, c) Human placental lactogen, d) Relaxin, e) Progesterone

Outline the major neural adaptations a muscle undergoes to gain strength in the absence of muscle hypertrophy.

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