Resistance training specificity occurs due to adaptations within the: Connective tissue B) Range of movement ) Muscle fiber and neural activity CNS neural factors only 16. contractions elicit the most muscular soreness. A) Concentric B) Eccentric C) Isometric D) Isokinetic I resistance training damage to the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) can result in A) B) Increased calcium inside the SR C) D) Calcium blocking muscle contraction Calcium eliciting unwanted muscle contractions (twitching) Life threatening increase in muscle protein 18. All the following populations require an estimated 1-RM from a submaximal effort except B) The elderly C) Cardiac patients D) Athletes 19. True or false? Single-set resistance exercise programs may be effective in improving fitness. A) True B) False 20. True or false? One important consideration for muscle strength testing includes ensuring consistency among subjects practice and warm-up. A) True B) False Page 3

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