Sex roles or gender roles are learned through socialization. 13. Language can be defined as the set of symbols by which the people who share a common culture communicate. The morality of constraint is not based upon reward and punishment. Boys are sometimes so negative toward the traditional female role that even girls look 14. T F 15. down upon it as a result. T F 16. Primary groups are sometimes very large. 17. Evidence suggests that television entertainment and advertising presents a highly stereotyped 18. Peopie at Kohlberg’s preconventional level are not self-centered. 19. A society’s total environment includes three aspects: the physical, social and technological. 20. Group interests play an important role in defining what behaviors are considered deviant. 21. Despite all the recent changes in the roles of men and women, most boys and girls still plan message about roles of men and women. T F on seeking jobs that have traditionally been held by persons of their sex. T F 22. Conflicting messages from agents of socialization are completely negative in their effect on an individual. 23. Being over, or underdressed for an occasion would be an example of a behavior that violates folkways. 24. In the early years, the family is the most important agent of socialization. 25. Historical analysis demonstrates that notions of deviance do NOT change over time. 26. Wearing clothing is deviant in some preindustrial societies. 27. Examples of material culture include knowledge and belefs. 28. Triads can be balanced or unbalanced. 29. Until recently, nearly half of all working women have been concentrated in just 3 occupations: T F T F secretary, nurse and teacher. T F 30. Only large societies realy have a culture 31. In Mead’s theory, the game stage precedes the play stage. 32. Deviance is a property inherited in certain forms of behavior. 33. What is the history of the American Housewife role? (0.5 points) 34. What ever happened to the American Housewife? (0.5 points) 35. The 1960s and early 1970s was a period of conflict and change for American culture, what are four lasting changes which arose out of this time period? ( 1 point) Extra Credit:(1 point total Will all Democracies eventually evolve into Oligarchies? (Explain your (0.50 points) 36. answer on the back of this page.) 37. What is a group of four individuals called? (0.25 points) 38. Who coined the phrase “White-Collar Crime”? (0.25 points)

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