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Slate is a metamorphic rock type associated with a) Low temperature, high-pressure conditions b) Low pressure, high-temperature conditions c) Low pressure, low-temperature conditions d) High pressure, high-temperature conditions Question 18 (5 points) Listen How does stress differ from strain? a) Stress is a very large force; strain is a lesser force Ob) Stress is compression of minerals and rocks; strain is when minerals melt c) Stress is a lesser force; strain is a very large force d) Stress is applied force; strain is the resulting change. Regional metamorphism is associated with: a) Divergent plate boundaries b) Transform plate boundaries c) Convergent plate boundaries d) All plate boundaries Question 9 (5 points) Listen The result of differential stress (pressure) on rocks can: a) cause the rocks to partially erode. b) make the rock become unrecognizable. c) cause new minerals to grow randomly in the protolith. d) cause mineral crystals to align parallel to each other.

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