Which of the following is not a characteristic of B cells? a. they develop in the thymus b. they have receptors for antigens on their surfaces c. they are responsible for our memory response d. they are responsible for antibody formation e. they can indirectly activate classical complement 31. T-cell independent antigens can a. directly stimulate B cells to multiply and produce antibodies b. directly induce T cells to function c. restrict antibody formation d. directly activate macrophages e. directly activate T cells 32. Antibiotics that affect various strains of Gram-positive bacteria and various strains of Gram-negative bacteria are considered to be a. isolate usable b. stress-induced spectrum c. narrow spectrum d. broad spectrum e. major spectrum 33. Aspirin is considered to be an anti-inflammatory drug. Therefore it would block which of the following? a. C3 b. chemotaxis c. MHCI d. C3 e. C 34. Which of the following characteristics is shared by innate and adaptative immunity? a. first line of defense b. skin c. complement d. production of lysozyme e. production of molecules that prevent attachment of the microbe to host cells 35. Beta-lactamases a. increase the activity of pbps b. decrease the activity of pops c. prevent the synthesis of the peptidoglycan layer d. decrease the activity of the natural penicillin drugs c. increase the synthesis of the peptidoglycan layer

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