1. The endocrine disrupting chemical has led to reports that the number of sperm that can be produced by males of various mammals, including humans, has decreased significantly decreased. Production and emissions of many endocrine desupting chemicals have been banned since the 1990s, and the concentration of endocrine desupting chemicals in the environment has been slowly decreasing.
Based on your knowledge of the cell signalling process, explain why this phenomenon can occur due to exposure to low concentrations of endocrine disrupting chemical.

2.G protein coupled receptors work by phosphorylating GDP combined with G protein and turning it into GTP. In general, Gprotein works as a GTP phosphatase, so over time, it converts GTP back to GDP.
So, what would be the problem with cell signing by this receptor if the mutation caused G protin to no longer function as a GTP phosphatase? Explain why.

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