1A) Which of the following is false regarding enzymes that degrade the ECM?

a. ECM metalloprotease upregulation is associated with metastatic cancer.

b. ECM metalloproteases are exclusively regulated at the levels of transcription and translation.

c. There are three major structural subgroups of ECM metalloproteases.

d. A key function of these enzymes is the cleavage of extracellular domains from integral membrane proteins.

1B) Which of the following is true of both plasmodesmata in plants and gap junctions in animals?

a. Both junctions contain a variety of cytoskeletal, motor and docking proteins that regulate the passage of molecules.

b. The plasma membranes of adjacent cells merge at these structures and become continuous.

c. Ion concentrations can control the permeability of both junctions.

d. An extension of the endoplasmic reticulum passes through both types of junctions.

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