Which of the following is not a function of mitosis? ​A) Tissue repair ​B) Production of gametes, i.e., egg and sperm cells ​C) Growth and development of a multicellular organism ​D) Cell reproduction Suppose that in some species the haploid number of chromosomes is 14. How many chromosomes would be found in ​the zygote (fertilized egg cell)? ​A) 14​​​​B) 7​​​C) 2​​​D) 28 Which of the following is true about the process of crossing over of chromosomes? ​A) It ensures that replication of the chromosomes is as error-free as possible ​B) It acts to ensure that the gametes that result from meiosis are all genetically alike ​C) It increases the genetic diversity of gametes by creating chromosome types that are not identical to any maternal or ​​paternal types ​D) It can only occur at certain fixed locations on chromosomes ​ During the first part of meiosis, chromosomes perform a process known as independent assortment. What happens ​during independent assortment? ​A) Chromosomes line up in double file, with all maternal types in one line and all paternal types in a second line ​B) Chromosomes line up in single file in the middle of the cell ​C) Chromosomes are replicated and joined at the centromere ​D) Chromosomes line up in double file, with maternal and paternal types randomly distributed In meiosis, cells undergo ________ round(s) of cell division to produce ________ offspring cells, while in mitosis ​cells ​undergo ________ round(s) of cell division to produce ________ offspring cells.. ​A) 2; 4; 1; 2 ​B) 2; 2; 1; 4 ​C) 4; 2; 2; 1 ​D) 1; 2; 2; 4

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