Which of the following monomers form a Name amino acids and 1 phosphate, d) Glycer oligid? a) Glycerol +3 fatty acids, b) Glycerol +2 fathy acids+Nar,o) Glycerol 2 2. Progesterone (a steroid that is a type of lid)is NOT a water soluble ol 2 fatty acids+ one phosphate, e) none of these are correct chemical structure, c) has ionić bonds, d) is non polar e) All are true molecule because it al is polar, b) has charged potions of its 3. A Nucleic acid is a polymer made up of which kind of monomers? a) modified glucose and phosphate b) a modlfied sugar.a phosphate and an amino acids, c), a5-C sugar and phosphate groups, d) fatty acids and glycerol, e) a nucleobdes. 4. When 6C12 and ‘H’react to form CHs, the number of electrons involved in bonding is? a) 1,b)2.c)6,4)8,e)4. 5. Serine is an amino acid in which the elements are covalently bonded and that exhibits polar properties.One would expect that: a one one or more of the atoms is more electronegative than others. b) These atoms do not share the electrons. c) some of completely capture electron(s) from the other atoms, d) some of the atoms lose protons to the other atoms, e) 6. If Aspartate, an amino acid, interacts with H20 to dissolve and form an aqueous (water) solution. It a) is hydrophobic, b) interacts with the partial plus and/or minus charges of the water molecule, c) forms a crystal or solid,d) forms a covalent bond with water, e) S. 7. The property of H2 0 that accounts for the interaction of the phospho part of the phospholipid and water is a) ionic bonding.b) dehydration synthesis, c) selectively permeable d) diffusion, e) polarity. 8. Polypeptides have such great biological importance because a) they are long, complex strings,formed from monomers. b) Their R groups enable them to form complex biomolecules with specific shapes. c) Their “R groups have 20 different shapes and charge patterns. d) The ‘R” groups can have positive or negative charges or be neutral. e) All are true

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