Name Human Anatomy &Physiology Biol 135-1 Student ID no 1) Which of the following is not a function of the skin? A) protection B) preventing dehydratiorn C) helping regulate temperature D) synthesizing vitamin C 2) Like all epithelial membranes, the skin has an epithelial layer and a connective tissue layer. The keratinized epithelial and connective tissues are A) simple squamous and arcolar B) stratified columnar and reticular C) stratified cuboidal and dense regular D) stratified squamous and dense irregular 3) The cells in this layer of epidermis are dead, and their flat, scale-like remnants are filled with keratin. A) stratum basale B) stratum corneum C) stratum granulosum D) stratum spinosum 4) Skin color is determined by the degree of oxygenation of the blood and the relative amounts of these two pigments. A) keratin and melanin B) carotene and hemoglobin C) melanin and carotene D) hemoglobin and melanin 5) What is true about apocrine sweat glands? A) They are distributed all over the body B) They are important in temperature regulation. C) They are located predominantly in axillary and genital areas. D) They produce clear perspiration consisting primarily of water and salts. 6) The hypodermis is A) composed primarily of adipose tissue B) part of the epidermis C) part of the dermis D) the third region of the skin

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