State THREE differences between genomic DNA library and cDNA library. (ii) Explain the disadvantage of genomic DNA library as compared to cDNA library in searching for gene sequences. (b) A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was carried out to amplify a 500 base-pair gene fragment from a bacterial genome with the optimal thermal cycle profile of 94°C (30 seconds), 50°C (30 seconds), and 72°C (45 seconds) for 30 cycles. (i) Describe the processes occurred at 94°C, 50°C, and 72°C, respectively. (ii) Assuming that the PCR occurs at 100% efficiency, calculate the total number of amplicon that will be generated if 4 copies of DNA template were used in the reaction. Show your working. (iii) Name a suitable polymerase for the PCR reaction if you wish to clone the amplified 500 base-pair DNA gene fragment into a TA cloning vector. Explain your answer. (C) List TWO differences between Southern and western blotting.

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