This is a Risk assessment on HIV

What is HIV

how does HIV spread

How is HIV transmitted

How do HIV turn to AIDS

How does HIV develop

How do HIV develop physiologically

why is it an important public health concern (HIV)

What age group or gender does the disease most commonly affect? (HIV)

Identify 2 major risk factors associated with the disease (HIV)

Explain how each risk factor contributes to the onset of this disease in general. ( HIV)

How do these modifiable risk factors apply to you? Explain your answer.

Identify 2 uncontrollable risk factors associated with the disease. (HIV)

Given your understanding of these factors and your health history, do any of these non-modifiable risk factors apply to you? Why or why not? (HIV)

Describe how the disease can be detected, diagnosed, and treated. If there are multiple treatments, you may choose to focus on one of the most common form of treatment. (HIV)

Develop a 5-point prevention strategy for reducing your risk of the disease. How are you going to reduce your risk? Be specific and detailed (HIV)

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