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What are different units of enzymes to calculate the activity of enzymes enlist those units?

A Diploid blueberries have a chromosome number of 14. Identify the number of chromosomes that would be expected in a blueberry plant that is:

 a) a triploid 

b) a trisomic

Ussion ed for ement pters Please use your imagination to somehow play the role of, describe the role of some aspects of movement or maybe for instance have other students guess after giving a hint or clue: Maybe you can think of something for a fast vs slow twitch type muscle or action potential down the T Tubules….Alpha motor neurons, contract and relax, extend and or Flex, Reflex arc, etc…For example, to act out of play/describe ” sliding filament” =1 occur when Calcium builds up in concentration in the cytosol and _slide past each other and the muscle Try to be creative to allow success but also to be a bit difficult to guess to – In other words give them something something to work with but do not just give it away to easily….Have fun with it! IF YOU JUST CANT THINK OF ANYTHING LIKE THIS THINK OF AND POST HERE A SHORT RESEARCH STUDY TO DO REGARDING A MOVEMENT QUESTION (YOUR CHOICE WHAT THE QUESTION IS) – EITHER BRAIN OR SPINAL CONTROL IS FAIR GAME… _thin and thick filaments and Answers above are second contracts.

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