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What are important leadership issues/controversies in the current landscape of sport management?

SBL Bank has a single automated teller machine (ATM) located in a shopping center. Data were collected from during a period of peak usage on Saturday afternoon and it was found that the average time between customers arrivals is 2.1minutes with a standard deviation of 0.8minute. It also was found it takes an average of 1.9minutes (with a standard deviation of 2minutes) for a customer to complete a transaction.

(a)   Calculate expected customer arrival rate & service rate per server?

(b)   Calculate the expected server utilization?

(c)    Approximately how long will customers need to wait in line during the peak usage period?

Critically discuss 4 strategic interpretations when planning marketing communications: Positioning, Audience, Platforms and Configuration. (write arguments for and against)

With references.

Explain for each the main outside sources of candidates are:

1. Recruiting via the Internet

2. Advertising

3. Employment Agencies

4. Temporary workers and Alternative Staffing

5. Offshoring/Outsourcing

6. Executive Recruiters

7. On-Demand Recruiting Services (ODRS)

8. College Recruiting

9. Freelance

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