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What are small ways that you think would promote safekeeping our diversity? What do you think are the common human activities that can harm biodiversity? What would be the consequences if these human activities are stopped and prohibited?

Write a short essay to describe your sketches/diagrams. Talk about conventional petroleum accumulations and define/describe the various elements: (1) source rocks [1 POINT] ; (2) maturation and migration of hydrocarbons out of the source rocks [1 POINT]; (3) reservoir rocks [1 POINT]; (4) seal rocks [1 POINT]; (5) structural and stratigraphic traps [1 [POINT]. Then discuss the relationships between subsurface fluids (water and hydrocarbons), source rocks, maturation and migration, reservoir rocks, seal rocks and traps with the following concepts: (a) organic matter [2 POINTS]; (b) geothermal gradient [2 POINTS]; (c) diagenesis during rock burial [2 POINTS]; (d) porosity [2 POINTS]; (e) permeability [2 POINTS]; (f) changes in lithostatic and fluid pressures with depth [2 POINTS].

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