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Eric B and Rakim’s rap classic “Follow the Leader” boasts of how supreme and unrivaled their skills are at the same time it offers communal guidance and fellowship. How do the lyrics of this song manage to bridge the gap between egocentrism and a sense of community? Is this a familiar theme in pop music?

Linda Hogan is a Native American author from the Chippewa tribe—why might her lyrical essay here be titled “Dwellings” rather than “Homes”? Is this perhaps to emphasize that the places we live are like gerunds (part verbs, part nouns)—both active/moving and stationary at the same time? Why might Hogan spend so much of this writing exploring how a sense of home tends to be a temporary, transforming thing? What might be meant by the eerie image of Hogan finding blue thread from her skirt and hair from her daughter’s comb in a bird’s nest at the end of this piece?

Anita Endrezze’s “In the Navel of the Moon” explores some of the symbolism residing in the root-meaning of the place-name “Mexico.” Why might this author insist that this country has a “feminine soul”? Why is the moon an ancient symbol of Womanhood? Can the word “navel” be used to pun on “naval,” as if to suggest our ultimate heritage is in the ocean, and that we need to “navigate” our journeys into the past as much as the future?

Kazim Ali’s “Notes on Silence” is an imaginary syllabus for a semester-long college course devoted to (if not conducted in) silence. What are some intriguing implications raised by this text? What is communicative power of not speaking? Is true silence ever entirely possible? In this ongoing era of so-called “information overload,” are we suffering from a silence shortage? Can this be cured?

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