What form of exchange is the “Hxaro” exchange among the Foraging group called the Dobe Ju’Hoansi (!Kung San) of the African Kalahari Desert? A. Consumerism B. Redistribution OC. Reciprocity OD. Market exchange OE. Global exchange QUESTION 27 In the Trobriand Islands they practice a form of reciprocal exchange using shell armbands (mwali) and necklaces (soulava) that circulate around the Archipelago. A. This is called a “Kula” and it serves as a way to build bonds with trade partners This is called a “moka” and it serves as a form of competitive exchange that can build alliances between groups. B . C. This is called an “Hxaro exchange” and it is designed to preserve a relationship. This is called a “market exchange and it is an unbalanced form of exchange that does not build connections with people. This is called a “potlatch” and it is an antagonistic form of exchange that can build bonds within and between groups. OE This is

What are some of the minerals the bones are made of?

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