Which one of the following would NOT be necessary for an expression vector?

A) Transcription start site

B) Selectable marker

C) Cloning site

D) Chromosome independent replication

E) Antibody binding site

2)A virus that infects a prokaryotic cell is called a bacteriophage or phage. Which of the following mechanisms for introducing DNA into prokaryotic cells involves the use of phage as the vector?

A) Conjugation

B) Transduction

C) Transformation

D) Abrogation

E) Importation

3)The use of epitopes like GST in a fusion protein construct to aid in the eventual purification of the fusion protein by chromatography is most like:

A) Size exclusion chromatography

B) Ion exchange chromatography

C) Agarose gel electrophoresis

D) Southern blot

E) Affinity chromatography

what are the 3 main parts of cellular respiration?

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