What are the benefits for an Anelosimus studiosus female spider to join an existing colony rather than to build a web of her own? Also explain why this species remains polymorphic in its tendency to both form large groups and to build individual w Limit, 1/2 page. ebs across its species distribution? 5. (4) Explain the unusual type of selection/evolution that is demonstrated by the disease shown in the photo below? Should just take a couple sentences 6. (6) List three unusual characteristics about the spiny legged clade of spiders in the genus Tetragnatha that sets them apart from their ancestors. Just make a list: 1, 2, 3. 7.(8) The equation below mathematically presents a linear relationship and a is just the error, or deviation of an individual measu rement from that line. (a) The question for you to answer is just that, if Bi -0.2 in an analysis of a midparent trait predicting the trait value in offspring, what is the estimate of heritability? (b) Is this a broad sense or narrow sense estimate of heritability, and (c) explain the difference between broad sense and narrow sense measurements of heritability. Again, half a page should be sufficient even though there are 3 parts. 8. (12 pts) In large populations, recessive deleterious traits will persist due to mutations, which can bring a trait back into the population. Produce a plot of the equilibrium frequency where fitness of recessive deleterious traits ranges between 0.9995 and 0.9900 compared to a dominant allele with fitness set at I (W11 W12 10), and assume that the mutation rate is 10. Produce this plot in excel and copy it into your test. Hint: Use the equation that estimates allelic equilibrium frequencies with mutation and selection, but this time, you have to make a simple spreadsheet to produce the curve (I made one but did not upload it). I did put up a sheet called “selection and mutation” that can help, if necessary, with the last part of this question. Once you get your plot, answer the following-what might you conclude is going on in your population if you found that a recessive lethal was present at a frequency of 1%? And, at the other extreme, why can’t you estimate an equilibrium frequency for q if this allele is neutral (i.e., s 0)?

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