Based on your scores of Quiz 1and 2 and if you want to make improvements in your score- what learning strategies will you implement to improve TEST 1, which is more important than quizzes? (Write in bullet points) As a subject Molecular biology is well connected, the topics and the concepts can be easily interrelated. When you study.Or try to grasp a topic then make it a point to form a network in your thought process. Try to connect dots together-for example -if a DNA is 1600 nucleotide long then (i) how many nucleasomes could be form; (ii] what will be length of this DNA; (ii) if the number of adenine is 1100, then what will be the percentage of guanine; (iv) how many number of turns will be there if the DNA is B, Z and A types? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is the significance of transcription and translation in overall physiology of Human or bacterial cells? What is transcription? What is translation? What are the differences between Transcription and replication?

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