1) What are the endocrine or mechanistic pathways by which specific genetic anomalies affect growth? Identify the name of the genetic anomaly/gene mutation/chromosomal aberrations and explain how that anomaly affects growth (does it affect hormone production, if so what, or is there another mechanism of growth that is affecting)? List all relevant genetic anomalies.

2) In Lamarckian inheritance, acquired traits can be passed on to offspring Рnamely that things an organism experiences or changes about their body can be inherited by their children. In Darwinian inheritance, an individual passes on the traits that they were born with, not traits they acquire (basically genetic inheritance, an organism only passes on their genetic material which is static and unchanging). Does knowledge of epigenetics and genomic imprinting mean that Lamark’s idea of the inheritance of acquired traits is correct (specifically in reference to height as the phenotype of interest)?

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