What are the factors influencing the migration of the molecules? 2) What are the main parameters affecting the velocity of a molecule in the electrophoresis? Describe how they influence the velocity. 3) Define the term mobility 4) What kind of information can be obtained for a molecule whose net charge is known by investigating its mobility in an electric field? 5) What are the differences in the support gel media used for small and for large molecules? 6) What is PAGE? What are the features of PAGE that make it favorable? 7) How is the size of pores related to the polyacrylamide percentage in PAGE? What is its effect on the resolution power? 8) What are the differences between Native and SDS and 2-D Page in terms of the basis of separation? 9) What are the advantages of Native Page over SDS Page in protein purification? 10) What is SDS-PAGE mainly used for? 11) What is one limitation of SDS-PAGE and what solution is found as a remedy for this limitation? 12) What is a DNA Ladder? Why is it used? 13) What is isoelectric focusing (IEF)? What is it based on? 14) Why is it important to visualize proteins are and nucleic acids during electrophoresis? How is it achieved? 15) How are proteins visualized after electrophoresis? 16) How are nucleic acids visualized after electrophoresis? 17) What is Protein and Nucleic Acid Blotting? 18) Briefly describe different techniques of Blotting

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