Below is a DNA sequence of part of a hypothetical wild-type bacterial genome. The nucleotides are numbered 1 to 100. Transcription begins with and includes the T/A (top strand/bottom strand) base pair at position 7 (indicated by the arrow), and proceeds from left to right along the DNA. Translation of the transcript yiclds the peptide of interest. 9. 20 20 30 e 0 50 51 60 70 80 90 100 What are the first 12 nucleotides of the resulting messenger RNA (mRNA)? Indicate the 5′ and 3′ ends of the mRNA. (a) (2 marks) Second Letter UUU Phe UC uCC Ser uUAC Leu UCA cCU CCA UAA Stop UGA StopA UAG Stop lucG Trp CAU His CGU 1stCUA letter AUU ACU AA Asn AGU Ser letter CCG CGG AGA Arg AUG Met ACG GUU GUA GAU Asp GGUU GAG Glu GGA Gly GAA cu Gcu GCG

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