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Consider an air parcel (blue blob) aloft initially at rest in a pressure gradient. The isopleths are titled at 45 Degree north of the x-direction. The temperature is -15 Degree C on average. What are the magnitude and the direction of the pressure gradient force (i.e., specific force or acceleration)? What is the initial direction of the air parcel? The Coriolis force increases as the velocity increases and eventually the PGF and Coriolis force come into balance. What are the magnitude and the direction of the air parcel’s velocity?

An aquifer has a hydraulic conductivity of 12 ft/day and an effective porosity of 17% and is under a hydraulic gradient of 0.0055 m/m.
A. Compute the specific discharge in m/s.
B. Compute the average linear velocity in m/s.
C. The water temperature is 14 C and the mean pore diameter is 0.33 mm. Is it permissible to use Darcy

A 200-ml sample of industrial wastewater with an initial pH of 9.3 is titrated to pH 4.0 by using a 0.02 N H?SO? ml and 18.0 ml and 32 ml to reach phenolphthalein and methyl orange end point, respectively. Calculate each alkalinity and their ionic forms.

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