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What are the main sources of contamination during the IVF process and how can we prevent contamination?

A cross was being made between 2 fruit flies. One parent had an unknown genotype since it had the wild phenotype (normal [long] wings and normal body colour). The other parent had vestigiel (underdeveloped] wings and ebony body colour, so it was known to be homozygous recessive for both characteristics. The resulting offspring were as follows: Normal wings and normal body colour 45 Normal wings and ebony body colour 48 Vestigial wings and normal body colour 44 Vestigial wings and ebony body colour 51 Using the following symbols: N-normal wings n- vestigial wings E-normal body e-ebony body (a) Draw a genetic diagram in the space below to show the cross described. [5] 2.cora.png CO Tu.png

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