What are the primary differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate? 2. Which of the congressional roles do you believe is most central to the proper functioning of the American government and why?

Explain the following environmental issues: 10 marks 1. Particulate matters are considered as secondary pollutant. 2. Mechanical collectors are good for the disposal of large particle sizes. 3. The world’s precautions for dealing with Corona Virus(COVID-19) are good for the environment, especially for the ozone layer. 4. Recycling is the most efficient way to get rid of solid waste. 5. Air pollution is considered more hazardous than water pollution.

find the correct statement(s).

Fractional contribution of recycled PET and HDPE to current consumption is about 60%.
For polymers about 50% of the embodied energy can be saved from recycling.
Recycling of most metals is not economically viable because of the contaminations (paint, rust, etc.).
The embodied energy of carbon steel per unit volume is much lower than the embodied energy of most polymers.

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