which the What are the reasons for incorporating buffer sebastonces into the medium composition? 9. Keping changes in medium put to a minimum b Present the development of unwanted microorganisms in the To provide the nitrogen sarce needed for the development tragoniams. d. To provide the corben and energy needed for the development of microrgams. of following Statoments regarding the cell wall is correct? a. Peptidoglycan is a con structure found in both Racteria and Archeo bacteria also contains B-1,3 bonds between N-acetylglucosamine end N- acetyl muronic acid sugars c. The peptide portion of peptidoglycan is variable in Bacteria d. Lysozyme acts on peptide bonds in the peptidoglycon melecule 3. Which of the following is one of the physiological and metabolic features of microorganisms wed in the identification and classification of microorganisms? a. Serobgical profile bistaining properties c. Source of energy d. Presence of plasmid b. The 4. What is the nome of the the transmission of microorganisms to the environ- inanimate moteriol? ment and a. Asepsis b. Infection c. Contamination d. Sterilitation

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